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Spiny Drotops Armatus Trilobite From Morocco

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Rare large 4 inch spiny Drotops Armatus Trilobite from Laatchana, Morocco with spectacular preparation. The trilobite is well preserved with lots of detail, you can clearly see all of fine tubercles,spines covering it's shell.

Drotops is large in comparison to most other trilobite genera, and can reach lengths of 20 centimetres. Drotops can be distinguished from other genera in this family by its size. It looks generally like a very large Phacops with large pustules covering its surface, with a high density on the glabella. Drotops armatus is distinguished from Drotops megalomanicus because of its spines present on the eye ridges and along the thorax. The species have fairly large schizochroal eyes which were mounted on turret-like structures that gave a near 360-degree field of view. As with many other trilobites, individuals curl into a ball to protect itself from the predators with its hard exoskeleton.


Species: Spiny Drotops Armatus Trilobite

Age: Lower Devonian

Location: Morocco

Size: 6 x 4 x 2.75 inches

Weight: 2.3 lbs