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We ship worldwide

Polished Pink Sunstone Freeform Bowl from Madagascar (21.8 lbs)

$ 1,500.00
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Beautiful one-of-a-kind, free-form Moonstone bowl from Madagascar. This will make a beautiful centerpiece to complement your home and polished to a mirror finish. This incredible piece has white and pink coloring and is hand-polished to a brilliant shine.

Sunstone is known for its powerful connection to the light and power of the sun.  Sunstone brings light to all situations, and carrying a piece around with you can help your personal power to "shine."  Once known as a stone of good luck, Sunstone has a bright, joyful energy that increases vitality and lightens dark moods.


Weights: 21.8 lbs, Dimensions: 13 x 12 x 5 Inches