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Free Shipping on orders over $250

Large Genuine Megalodon Shark Tooth in Display Box (251 grams)

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This genuine Megalodon Shark Tooth, sourced by divers in waters off the coast of the Carolinas, is 100% genuine and measures approximately 5" long. This specimen is accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity and comes in a display case to show off the incredible size of this treasure. Megalodon was a prehistoric shark that may have been 50 feet long or more, two or three times as long as the Great White Shark! Just like modern sharks, this prehistoric predator did not have any bones to leave in the fossil record, except for their massive teeth. Megalodon sharks shed their teeth frequently as they grew or their teeth became worn.

*You will receive the exact object as in these photos.

Weight: 418 grams, Dimensions: 5 x 1 x 6 inches