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Genuine Small Pre-Historic (Otodus obliquus) Shark Tooth in Matrix

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A genuine Pre-historic Shark Tooth in a Sea-bed Matrix. This specimen was found from the famous Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Otodus obliquus is an ancient predecessor to the megalodon shark. Otodus obliquus lived from the Paleocene to the Eocene time period, roughly 40 to 60 million years ago. It had a nearly global distribution and was the largest shark of the time period. A large Otodus obliquus may have had a maximum length somewhere around 33 feet. The teeth were also large and reached a maximum size of around 4 inches. Otodus obliquus eventually evolved into the megalodon shark. Over time, the shark grew larger and more specialized. The teeth became larger and broader. The blades of the teeth became serrated and the teeth also lost the side cusps. A general lineage of these changes are reflected in different species until the apex predator megalodon was reached.

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.5 lbs, 3 x 2 x 3.5 inches