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Free Shipping on orders over $250
Free Shipping on orders over $250

Astro Gallery of Gems Idaho

Located In:  The Village at Meridian
Address:  3525 E. Longwing Ln, #190, Meridian, ID. 83642
Phone:  (208) 286-1367
Hours of Operation:
Sunday Opens:  11am

Closes: 6pm

Monday Opens:  10am Closes: 6pm
Tuesday Opens:  10am Closes: 9pm
Wednesday Opens:  10am Closes: 9pm
Thursday Opens:  10am Closes: 9pm
Friday Opens:  10am Closes: 9pm
Saturday Opens:  10am Closes: 9pm
For over six decades, Astro Gallery of Gems has been recognized as a leading provider of gems, minerals, fossils, and natural history artifacts from around the globe.  Our selection of Home Decor items, genuine Fossils and Meteorites, and hundreds of natural gems and minerals are all of the highest quality, made either by hand from local artisans or crafted by Nature itself.  Each of our pieces are unique, sourced directly from the Earth, and provide an opportunity to add charm and sophistication to any space.