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Free Shipping on orders over $250

Large Genuine Polished Clear Quartz Sphere from Brazil (34 lbs)

$ 14,000.00
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This museum quality large polished Clear Quartz sphere from Brazil. This sphere boasts a weight of 34lbs and has been expertly polished to a high level of transparency and reflectivity, making it an excellent specimen for metaphysical use. It is a beautiful addition to any collection of crystals, minerals, or collectibles. Add this unique and rare piece to your collection today.

As the "Master Healer" of all crystals, Clear Quartz is renowned for its powerful vibrations and versatile healing abilities. Considered the most potent healing stone, it can address any ailment and amplify energies and intentions. Additionally, Clear Quartz is believed to offer protection, aid in connecting with one's higher self, and alleviate pain.


Weight: 34 lbs, Diameter: 9 Inches