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Diplodocus (Foot Bone) Sauropod Dinosaur From Jurassic Age, Dana Quarry, Morrison Formation, Wyoming
$ 1,850.00
From Jurassic Age, Dana Quarry, Morrison Formation, Wyoming   Diplodocus Foot Bone comes cradled nicely displayed in a custom stand. Jurassic Period. This Dinosaur primarily roamed western North America. The longest of all dinosaurs, Diplodocus had a unique body construction, with two rows of bones on the underside of its...
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Edmontosaurus Foot
$ 18,000.00
Juvenile Edmontosaurus Foot Late Cretaceous 73 million years ago, Lance Creek Formation, Montana
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Allosaurus hand and Lower Arm
$ 40,000.00
Allosaurus hand and Lower Arm: 155-150 Million Years Old /(Late-Jurassic) Morrison Formation, Montana. The first big meat-eating predator discovered in the Morrison Formation, predates Tyrannosaurus rex.   16 x 2 x 1 inches, 341.3 grams
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Tyrannosaurus Rex Tibia
$ 95,000.00
This Tyrannosaurus Rex Tibia bone is from the Cretaceous Age. The lower leg bone was found in the Hell Creek Formation in Fort Peck, Montana. Call us for more details or stop by Astro Gallery of Gems to see the specimen.  

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