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$ 2,610.00
14.5ct Genuine Natural Ethiopian Welo Opal
$ 2,610.00
This is a Genuine Natural Ethiopian Opal (Welo Opal) round cabochon loose stone. Ethiopian opals have striking pattern formations which make each opal unique. Some opals have diverse play of colors from Neon reds, oranges, green, blue, white, yellow, brown and a fire color. This piece has spectacular play-of-color that displays...
$ 11,200.00
56ct Aquamarine 30 mm
$ 11,200.00
Top grade natural Aquamarine gemstone in facet oval shape. Has rich aqua color with transparent flawless clarity.   Weight: 56 ctSize: 30mm x 22mm x 16mmShape: OvalOrigin: Brazil
$ 2,494.00
62.35 ct Citrine Emerald 31mm
$ 2,494.00
Top grade natural Citrine gemstone has a rich golden overtone with flawless clarity.   Weight: 62.35 ctSize: 31mm x 17.5mm x 14mmShape: Emerald CutOrigin: Brazil
$ 1,958.00
65.25 ct Amethsyt Oval 31mm
$ 1,958.00
Top grade natural Amethyst gemstone. Has rich lavender purple color with flawless clarity.   Weight: 65.25 ctSize: 31mm x 25mm x 15mmShape: Oval facetedOrigin: Brazil

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