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$ 45.00
Genuine Agondal Meteorite in Display Box
$ 45.00
Genuine Agoudal Meteorite in a Glass Display Box. In 2000 two large pieces of iron were collected in the Agoudal area, High Atlas Mountains, Morocco. Type IIAB iron meteorites are also called hexahedrites. Hexahedrites are low nickel iron meteorites certainly among the rarest of the iron meteorites. This specimen (roughly...
$ 69.99
Genuine Canyon Diablo Iron Meteorite in Display Box
$ 69.99
Genuine Canyon Diablo Iron Meteorite in Display Box. This nickel-iron meteorite was found in the world famous Baringer crater (meteor crater) AZ, USA. The crater is about 3900 ft in diameter, and 560 ft deep. The impact which carved out this crater is believed to have occurred about 50,000 years ago with energy...
$ 45.00
Genuine Chelyabinsk Meteorite (Russia) in Display Box
$ 45.00
A genuine fragment from the famous Chelyabinsk Meteorite fall, Russia, 2013. This Chondrite fragment was recovered from a frozen lake, Feb. 15, 2013. The meteorite created a huge explosion upon entering the atmosphere breaking thousands of windows. The specimen comes in a glass display box with a description of the...

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