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Free Shipping on orders over $250

7-Stone Chakra Pouch

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Align and balance your chakras with this curated set of 7 tumbled stones. Each stone corresponds with one of the seven chakras of the spiritual self and are perfect for meditation. The collection comes in a black felt bag for safekeeping. The set includes:

Clear Quartz - the Crown Chakra - amplifies energy and heals blockages.

Amethyst - the Third Eye Chakra - calms the mind and allows the user to heighten their intuition.  

Blue Agate - the Throat Chakra - brings the user confidence in their ability to speak their truth and express themselves. 

Rose Quartz - the Heart Chakra - opens the heart to pure divine love and self-compassion.

Citrine - the Solar Plexus Chakra - brings in abundance and optimism.

Red Jasper - the Root Chakra - keeps the user grounded and calm.

Carnelian - the Sacral Chakra - heightens creative energy and passion.