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Free Shipping on orders over $250

Genuine Amethyst Crystal Cluster on Stand from Brazil (32.5 lbs)

$ 3,200.00
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This museum quality Amethyst Quartz Cluster features naturally formed, lustrous and fully terminated crystals with highly reflective faces and a deep, transparent to translucent hues. This beautiful specimen comes with a metal stand and is perfect display piece. Add a touch of luxury to your living space with this beautiful mineral specimen.

Amethyst is a powerful crystal renowned for its protective and transmuting properties. Through its high vibrational energy, it is capable of transforming negative energy to positive energy. Additionally, Amethyst facilitates communication with higher realms and is beneficial for activating the Third Eye Chakra. Its peaceful energy is ideal for meditation, aiding in the development of intuition and psychic abilities.


Weight: 32.5 lbs, Dimensions: 13.5 x 3.5 x 29 inches