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Save 40% during our Earth Day Sales Event | Free Shipping on orders over $250
Libyan Desert Glass Meteorites

Libyan Desert Glass Meteorites

We just brought a large quantity of new Meteorites into the Gallery. Collecting these celestial objects is incredibly popular and they come in many different sizes and shapes.  We wanted to highlight one type that is very unique in it's look and formation. 

Libyan Desert Glass is a substance found in areas in the eastern Sahara, in the deserts of eastern Libya and western Egypt. Fragments of desert glass can be found over areas of tens of square kilometers.  It has been dated as having formed about 26 - 28 million years ago.

Some scientists say that these objects were created as a result of a meteoric presence that landed on earth and created such a severe impact that many of the elements and particles were sent flying back up into the atmosphere. During their re-entry, the elements morphed into this type of material and rained down over this small area of the world.  

Recent research links the glass to impact features, such as zircon-breakdown, vaporized quartz and meteoritic metals, and to an impact crater.  Some geologists associate the glass with radiative melting from meteoric large aerial bursts making it analogous to trinitite created from sand exposed to the thermal radiation of a nuclear explosion. This is a very pure, silica rich glass, and many stones contain sand-dune particles within then, with some pieces reported to also contain iridium.

Libyan Desert Glass was used to make tools during the Pleistocene (the first epoch of the Quaternary period, between the Pliocene and Holocene epochs) as well as being found adorning King Tut's royal pectoral dressings - which featured a scarab carved from desert glass (see below).  Although it has been known by the people of the Sahara Desert for thousands of years, western scientists only discovered Libyan Desert Glass in the 1930's.

Libyan Desert Glass is also called Libyan Gold Tektite. These unusual stones embody within them the vibration of the Golden ray, a powerful spiritual energy.  These specimens are energetically powerful stones, and this may be because they embody the energy of the event that created them. 

The color of the glass varies and these crystals can be very pale yellow through to a deep yellow. You'll find that the color has little bearing on the level of its energy.

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