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Acceptance, grounding, security, emotional & physical balance raises consciousness, strengthens effects of other stones, digestion.

Brings luck & aids to quit smoking. Comforting & protective, soothing to those who are lonely, easily hurt or grieve loss.

Blue Lace - Promotes tranquility & peace of mind. Communication; enhances confidence, patience & articulation. Blue - Calming to the mind & helps sooth emotions. Eases tensions associated with headaches.

Crazy Lace – Happiness stone. Protection from the Evil Eye. Enhances decision-making and focus.

Green - Healing Stone.  Helps with meditation.  Increases compassion. Improves decision-making and resolving disputes.

Moss - Grounding Stone. Known to aid abundance and prosperity and stimulate creativity. Improves circulation & digestion.

Pink - Promoter of love. Great neutralizer. It soothes anger and negative energy. Provides confidence and support.

Purple - Helps to keep energy stable. Good for keeping work or play performance constant.

White - Improves concentration & analytical frames of mind, as well as releasing traumas & providing the courage to trust.

AMAZONITE: Soothing to nervous system. Aligns etheric and mental bodies, enhances most vibrational remedies.

AMBER: (fossilized pine tree resin) Amber is not a gemstone. It has been included because of its useful healing attributes. It adds vitality and strengthens the aura. Because of this it can be used for protection. Aids memory. It also absorbs pain and trauma and helps to open the throat center and lungs.

AMETRINE: The complete balance of the properties of amethyst and citrine. As a stone of both balance and connection, ametrine is believed to relieve tension, bring serenity and stimulate creativity, as well as balance mental stability and self-confidence.

AMETHYST: Has healing powers to help with physical ailments, emotional issues. Enhances creativity, sobriety, courage, intuition, and self-esteem. Transform old habits, relieves depression and is excellent for meditation as well as protection in travel.  Primarily associated with physical ailments of the nervous system, the curing of nightmares and insomnia, and balancing the crown chakra.

ANGELITE: Angelite is filled with compassion. Transmutes pain & disorder into wholeness & healing, opening the way for spiritual inspiration.

APATITE: (Green/Yellow) Helps with willpower. Activates other minerals and ourselves.

Blue - Helps eliminate over-activity, under-activity, blockages and congestion in all of the chakras. It is excellent for balancing yin-    yang. Helps artists unite with their muse. Excellent for channeling artistic talent to the masses. Powerful stone.

APOPHYLLITE: Excellent for reducing static and mental fogginess in “astral-travel” or in daily life. Helps filter out ionizer external
garbage. Assists in clarification of what is necessary and what is not.

AQUA AURA: Emotional Healing Energy. Aura Quartz crystals provide a calm, relaxing effect on the emotional body and are soothing and healing to the aura. They are exceptional for releasing negativity and stress, old wounds, and long-held doubts about one's self-worth.

AQUAMARINE: Works on mental clarity, spiritual inspiration, calming. Enhances self-expression.

ARAGONITE: Supports peaceful meditation. Good stone for opening a person to positive giving & receiving. Unites male & female spirits.

AVENTURINE: (Green quartz) all-around healing stone with benefits for the lungs, liver, sinuses, and heart. Brings joy, mental clarity &   calming. Helps release emotional stress and exudes a positive attitude reuniting heart and soul. (4th chakra)

Blue - The peaceful meditation stone. Good for shy people or people full of anxiety. Helps to still the loud critical voice within. For shy people it provides a sense of dignity and presence. (2nd chakra)

AZURITE: Activates expansion of consciousness, amplifies healing abilities. It has soothing effect, increases receptivity, good meditation tool, helps digestion, can be use for relieving headaches, inflammations and fever.

BERYL: Good for intestines and the cardiovascular system. Sometimes used as a sedative.

BLOODSTONE: Blood disorders, heart, and circulation. Increases vitality and courage. Generates higher states of consciousness.

BRONZITE: Blood disorders, heart, and circulation. Increases vitality and courage. Generates higher states of consciousness.

CALCITE: (white) Amplifies energy and thought. Improves memory & aids in astral projection. Balances yin/yang qualities.

Blue - Calming. Increases psychic ability. Enhances memory. Effective against laziness. Strengthens immune system.

Green – Brings a renewed sense of purpose and vitality and a desire to make positive change in ones life. Promotes joy.

Honey - Increases feelings of self worth, confidence & courage & assists to overcome obstacles. Stimulates removal of body toxins.

Orange - Increase positive energy in the areas of sexuality and creativity. Overcomes depression. Heals reproductive system.

Pink – Helps one understands the true value of love. Makes one more generous. Helps counselors & healers connect with patients.

Red – A vital stone that increases energy and willingness to experience life.

CARNELIAN: Strengthening creativity, prosperity, openness and curiosity. Spiritual healing. Lower back problems, reproductive organs.


CELESTITE: Its ability to heighten divine intuition makes Celestite especially useful for Reiki practice. Brings harmony and balance, and will assist the holder in finding and maintaining inner peace. Reduces stress, relaxing, and peace of mind. Enhances thyroid functions.
CHALCEDONY: Place in a dish of water to cleanse the environment. Replace water weekly. Attuned to the female body in that it is good for mending disturbances regarding one’s sexuality.

CHALCOPYRITE: Removes energy blockages, cleansing, activating and aligning the chakras and energy bodies at the same time.

CHAROITE: Known as a soul stone that can provide strong physical and emotional healing energies. It’s a powerful spiritual stone that will remind you to live in the now.
CHRYSOCOLLA: Aids in preventing ulcers, digestive problems, arthritic conditions. Strengthens lungs and thyroid gland. Enhances metabolism, excellent for female disorders, alleviates fears, guilt, tension. Helps clear subconscious imbalances. Activate feminine qualities, amplifies throat chakra - creative expression, power, communication. Joy emotional balance. Chakra heart.

CHRYSOPRASE: Balances neurotic patterns. Eases depression and sexual imbalance, fertility, calming, balancing, healing for physical/emotional/mental bodies. Helps one see clearly into personal problems. Brings out inner talent, joy and lightheartedness. Chakra heart.

CITRINE: Breaks up energy blocks in body, strengthens will, vision, balance, self-confidence. Helps in letting go of addictions: (Almandine or Spessartine) Circulation, especially in lungs, skin, and intestines. Promotes heat energy, vitality. Stimulates imagination self-esteem, will power. Calms anger. (1st chakra)

COPPER: Influences flow of blood. Supplies strong energy to body/mind. Aids metabolism. Helps detoxify body. An aid for exhaustion and sexual imbalance. Aligns physical/emotional bodies. Raises self-esteem. Strong conductor of energy.

CORAL: (red, pink, white) Calms and attunes to Earth. Acts as an astringent to mucus membranes.

DIAMOND: is the highest evolved gemstone. Removes blockages and negativity. Draws toxicity from body. Helps self-esteem, jealousy, and mild aphrodisiac. It is an amplifier, indiscriminately intensifying any thought or feeling an individual has. It is best used in conjunction with other gemstones to enhance their healing attributes.

DIOPTASE: Strengthens cardiovascular and central nervous systems. Excellent aid for ulcers, nervous stomach, heart troubles, blood pressure. Vitalizes balances, tones body/mind. Emotional stability. Peace of mind. Excellent for use with healing and affirmations. Abundance, prosperity, progress, health and well-being. Chakra heart.

DOLOMITE: (White) Encourages self-realization. Helps in acclimating to new communities. Alleviates negative emotions. Used to stabilize health, especially blood, heart, and circulation. Dissolves cramps.

Red - Encourages charitable actions and relieves sorrow. Stimulates energetic and impulsive original thinking. Provides stamina for dealing with hyperactive individuals. Aligns energy, re-balances and remove blocks.

EMERALD: Improves relationships, meditation. Relaxant & heart balancer. Strengthens clairvoyance & psychic abilities, aids in mental illness.

EPIDOTE: A great stone for releasing negativity and raising one's vibrational energy. It is helpful for those stuck in modes of depression, hopelessness, or other negative thinking pattern.

FLUORITE: Helps to establish inner mental balance. Strengthens intuitive abilities. Clears air of psychic clutter. Arthritis.

GARNET: (Red) Stimulates blood flow and inspires physical love. Deep red has the needed power to cure anemia.

Creativity is inspired in meditation with this stone. Enhances all areas of passion. (1st chakra)

Yellow, Green - (Grossularia) Cleanses the digestive areas.

Star – Aids to have youthful power. Makes your love richer.

GALENA: This mineral is an infection fighter, and works on strengthening the lungs. (3rd & 4th chakra)

GOLD: The “Master Stabilizer”, balancer and grounder. Prevents personal corrosion. All-purpose healer.

GOLDSTONE:  (Red) Called the stone of ambition, goldstone is thought to assist in attaining goals. Promotes spiritual protection, good fortune & adventure. Allows flow of spiritual energy between the physical and spiritual realms.

Blue - Provides wisdom, energy & courage. Assisting with learning. Good for hypersensitivity. Associated with the Throat Chakra

Green – Heart healer. It can recover your mental damage and lets you get back to your original state.

GYPSUM: Reduces swelling of mucus membranes. Balances the body’s electrical charge.

Rose - A stone that will help you stand your ground and confront any hardship.

HEMATITE: Blood disorders. Increases self-esteem, aids in astral projection. Protection.

HERKIMER DIAMOND: Releases physical stress and tension, cleanses subtle bodies. Discharges toxicity from the system. Aids in past-life memory, stimulates clairvoyance. Dream work. Stores information.

IOLITE: Vision Stone. Opens third eye, from the throat to the two chakras above the crown. It is a discernment stone, bringing a true/false reading to the heart level. (6th chakra)

JADE: Very useful for emotional healing. Strengthens earth-connections. Protects from injuries and accidents. Relieves irritability

Blood cleanser. Strengthens immune system and kidneys.

JASPER: (all colors) A variety of chalcedony strengthens liver, kidneys and gall bladder. Powerful healer of the physical body. Works with chakras and attitudes according to color of stone

Dalmation - Grounding stone. Removes disillusionment. Helps one to see strengths and weaknesses more clearly. Increases loyalty in relationships. Purifies the blood and boosts the immune system.

Kambaba – Dark circles & green swirls on the stone symbolize comfort & protection, calm and relaxation, & balance & restoration.

Leopard Skin – Associated with strength and vitality, and brings stability to those who may be experiencing chaotic energies.

Mookaite - Empowers to feel and connect with the electromagnetic energy currents of the Earth. Promotes an ageless spirit. Boosts the immune system and help counter the effects of aging. Restorative for tissue deterioration of the internal organs, and useful in treating cystitis, high blood sugar, and disorders of the kidneys and bladder

Ocean - Instills patience.  Facilitates continuity in circular breathing. Improves the digestive process and eliminates toxins that cause body odor and disease.

Picasso - Attracts like-minded people. Strong grounding and calming qualities. Helps to provoke strength and self-discipline.  Useful for eye problems and can promote weight-loss.

Picture - Brings stability and balance. Promotes harmony and stimulates creative visualization.  Brings hidden thoughts and feelings of grief, fears, guilt, envy, love, and hope to the surface, to be released. Brings comfort and alleviates fear. Stimulates the immune system and helps treat disorders of the skin and kidneys.

Red - Gently stimulating and extremely protective. Neutralizes radiation and other forms of environmental and electromagnetic pollution. Rectifies unjust situations and grounds energy. Calms the emotions. Aids in dream recall. Cleans and stabilizes the aura. Strengthens and detoxifies the circulatory system, blood and liver.

Zebra - Holds the energy of balance, uniting the energies of the masculine and feminine, Yin and Yang. Balances the chakras, and the physical, intellectual, emotional and etheric bodies. Enhances Optimism.

JET:  Purification and healing. Protection against evil, psychic attacks and all negative energies. protective to finances and business.

KUNZITE: High lithium content makes Kunzite beneficial to individuals with addictive behavior. Strengthens cardiovascular system. Aids manic depression. Excellent balancer for physical/emotional/mental bodies. Powerful stone for openings healing heart. Helps one surrender to higher self. Enhances self-esteem, tolerance, and acceptance. Promotes soothing and calming. Chakra heart.

KYANITE: Elevates one to a higher plain of awareness. Helps enlarge a positive full-scoped attitude.

LABRADORITE: Helps intensify one’s heat sensing apparatus. Aids in seeing auras. Excellent for the blind.

LAPIDOLITE: Aids muscles, strengthens heart, beneficially influences blood. High lithium content aids emotional/mental balance and stability. Aids sleep, enhances expression of one’s inner light and joy. Chakra heart.

LAPIS LAZULI: Increases psychic abilities, opens a third eye, throat and increase expression. Cleansing. Aligns etheric, mental spiritual bodies. Thought amplifier.

LARIMAR: Allows all residuals of toxins to be emitted safely and healthfully. Good for the common cold.

LEPIDOLITE: Emotional Balance, Acceptance, Calm. Enhances self-love, patience, and optimism. Brings success in business or career

LODESTONE: (Magnetite) Helps rid the body of toxins. Balances polarities and allows for overall healing. Increases personal power. Charges pyramids and crystal formations when placed at the corners.

MALACHITE: Balances right/left brain. Assists with mental illness and toxification. Protects against radiation. Promotes tissue regeneration. Inspires giving of self, self-expression. Assists “visions” on all levels.

METEORITE: Helps reveal past lives from other planets and galaxies. Enhances connection with extraterrestrial energies. Expands awareness. Similar to obsidian. Chakra root.

MOLDAVITE: (Tektite) A deep green, silica based tektite (meteorite) that fell to Earth about 15 million years ago. Aids alignment with higher self. Balancing and healing for physical body/mind. Aids in channeling extraterrestrial and inter-dimensional sources. Chakra heart. Third eye.

MOONSTONE: Opens one to feminine qualities - receptivity, sensitivity, intuition, and clairvoyance. Food for macho people. Physically for all “female” problems. Emotional balance.

MORGANITE: Stone of unconditional love. Activates and cleanses the heart chakra

OBSIDIAN: Protects sensitive people, wards off negativity, reduces tension. Good for letting go of old love. Travel. Strengthens prophecy.

Golden Sheen – This obsidian's energy creates a protective shield that deflects negativity and repels attempts of others to assert power over us. It helps us to uncover our unique skills and hidden talents

ONYX: (Black) A variety of chalcedony, relieves stress, balances male/female polarities. Strengthens bone marrow. Aids detachment. Enhances emotional balance and self-control. Higher inspiration. Works with chakras and attitudes according to color of stones.

Green – the symbol of restfulness and purity. A soothing stone that has the power to relief you all worries, tension, stress and fears.

OPAL: Protection. Enhances cosmic consciousness, intuition, harmony, emotional balance, joy and creativity.

Pink - Peace and tranquility for the aura. Especially noted for its energies in healing emotions. Heart chakra.

White - Radiating optimism & good humor, enthusiasm, imagination & creativity. Releases old wounds, fears, negativity & anger.

Yellow - Emotional stability. It is often used to amplify positive emotions. It is useful in balancing the crown chakra.

OPALITE:  Improves communication on all levels. Removes energy blockages of the chakras. Gives strength in verbalizing hidden feelings.

PEACOCK ORE:  (Chalcopyrite) This is the “stamina rock.” An energizer that combines spectrums into one conglomerate. Visual stimulant and mental calmer. Brings an overtaxed system to relaxation. Good for nervous system, heart, muscles and lungs.

PETRIFIED WOOD: This stone will calm your nerves and ease your fears. It will fill you with feelings of security, stability, and well-being. Helps recall past life during meditation. A vitality and disease protection stone.

PHANTOM QUARTZ: Reconnects with past lives. Helps evaluate the levels of personality for identification and positive development.

PRASIOLITE: An amplifier of energy. When you wear it with other stones and crystals, you will be able to benefit from all the energies that they will give. Stone of originality. It will inspire you to be the best version of yourself and share your unique talents with the world.

PREHNITE: Strong ability to support “life essence” over great distance. Hold during meditative travel and out-of-body work. If grounding is an issue, place any type of obsidian at the knee chakra.

PYRITE: Attracts wealth (Money magnet). Eases anxiety, frustration, & depression. Good for circulation & red corpuscles. Digestive aid,

QUARTZ: (clear) The all-purpose healing tool. It cleanses and balances the physical, it stabilizes the emotional, it gives clarity
to the mental as well as focus, and aligns ones spiritual energies with the rest of the system. It alleviates energy imbalances. Quartz is used for spiritual upliftment, protection, concentration, meditation, speeding up the physical healing process & the development of psychic abilities.

Blue - Detoxification, creativity, cooling, calming.

Garden - Brings loving energies and energies of gentle strength. Excellent healing stone.


Rose (pink) - Increases confidence, personal expression and creativity. Emotional balance-self-love. For” heartbreak”, opening to universal love. Comfort.

Rutilated - Pierces through and dispels layers of dark spiritual density through positive meditation with the stone.
Dramatically repels negativity. Very powerful healer. Opens a connection to spirit guides.

Smokey - Increases fertility, creativity, joy. Balances emotional energy, grounding. Strengthens adrenal glands, aids and protein assimilation.

Strawberry - Carries all the vibrations of Clear Quartz, with additional attributes of universal love, understanding of purpose, and seizing the day.

Tangerine - stimulates the joyful energy of the inner child, encouraging playfulness and curiosity, allowing us to learn and grow. It activates passion on all levels, from sexuality to creativity. It helps to encourage self-acceptance and overcome limitations.

Tourmalinated - Clear quartz with black tourmaline crystals inside balances male/female polarities. Aids in balancing extremes, grounding, very protective. Combines forces of clear quartz and black tourmaline. Chakras root.

RHODONITE: Aids central nervous system, thyroid gland, body reflexes, pituitary gland, pancreas. Strengthens immunity, improves memory, eases physical/emotional trauma. Reduces stress, calms mind. Aligns root heart chakras for bringing love into action and manifestation. Self esteem, confidence. Enhances energy levels in body/mind. Great stone for light workers serving in cities. Chakras root, heart.

RUBY: Heart, spiritual balance, confidence, flexibility, energy, vitality, devotion. Leadership.

RUBY & FUCHISTE: Helps heal the heart, removing any blockages to loving energies.

RUBY & KYANITE: Automatically clears and aligns all the chakras of the body. Amplifies energy.

SAPPHIRE: Enhances glandular function, elevates mood. Stimulates clairvoyance, telepathy, and feminine qualities. Improves expression, communication with one's spirit guides.

SELENITE: Soothes nerves & helps to quiet your mind. Has positive effect on brain, aiding power of concentration and mental clarity. Enhances willpower. Protect you from any form of psychic attack. Grounded white light. Strengthens bones and teeth.

SERPENTINE: Known for detecting evil and protecting against both bad luck and intentional malicious behavior

SILVER: The five highest chakras are activated when this element is worn.

SODALITE: Encourages harmony, balance, courage, and communication. Strengthens lymphatic system, alleviates subconscious fear & guilt.

SUNSET AURA: Immensely healing to the heart and sacral chakras. Unleashes bold creativity. Amplifies the properties of other crystals.

SUNSTONE: (Heliolite) Projects light into the lower heart area. Helps one promote friendliness. (3rd & 4th)

TEKTITE: (Brown or Black): Helps us link up with extraterrestrials and tune into our own past lives.

TIGEREYE: (yellow, red, brown, black) For beginning detoxification. Works on mass consciousness to separate false desire for need.

Blue - Enhances integrity of communication & practical communication. Used for protection, especially of the upper chakras.

Red – Protection. Protect against curses and ill wishes. Helping to enhance personal power and self-confidence.

TITANIUM QUARTZ: Clears a pathway for the vital life force to flow, Energizing and stimulating all chakras. This stone will help you to be grounded, centered and energized all at once.

TOPAZ: Assists understanding, balances emotions. Helps in letting go of the past. Enhances creativity, relaxant. Aids in tissue regeneration.
TOURMALINE: (all colors) Dispels fear, negativity, and grief. Promotes healthy environment, tranquil sleep, balance in relationship, self-expression. Eases compulsiveness.

Black - Activities base chakra, arthritis, and adrenals. Protects against negativity. Establishes a deflective field of anti-negative energy. Helps release all fears.

Green - Heart chakra. Immune system. Balancer.

Blue - Throat chakra. Communication and lungs.

Watermelon - Stimulates other tourmalines, strengthens their effect. Heart, balance, endocrine glands.

Pink (Rubellite) - Heart balancer. Increases depth of inside and perception. Creativity, fertility Balances passivity/aggression.

In quartz - Crown chakra. Attunement to higher self. Increases spiritual understanding and promotes peace.

TURQUOISE: Strengthens whole body. Promotes absorption of nutrients, aligns subtle bodies. Tissue regeneration. Circulation Protects against environmental pollutants. Increases psychic and communications skills. Protection from harm.

UNIKITE: After the heart has heated from emotional trauma, unikite helps allow one to reach out and embrace life again. By the grace of God follow your heart Stronger you shall be. (4th chakra)


JANUARY        Garnet

FEBRUARY      Amethyst

MARCH           Aqua or Bloodstone

APRIL              Diamond

MAY        Emerald

JUNE       Pearl, Moonstone & Alexandrite

JULY        Ruby

AUGUST Peridot or Sardonyx

SEPTEMBER       Sapphire

OCTOBER           Opal or Tourmaline

NOVEMBER       Topaz

DECEMBER         Turquoise, Lapis