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Struthiomimus Phalanx (Finger Bone) From Hell's Creek Formation, Montana, USA

From Hell's Creek Formation, Montana, USA

80-66 million years ago in the Cretaceous Period 


Struthiomimus is a genus of ornithomimid dinosaur from the late Cretaceous period. It was a long-legged, meat-eating ostrich-like dinosaur. Struthiomimus had long slender arms, and hands, with immobile forearm bones but limited possibility between the first finger and the other two. It had the longest hands of any ornithomimid, with particularly long claws. They had toothless beaks and were bipedal, meaning they walked on only two legs. It stood about 14 ft long and 4.6 fyt tall at the hips and weighed around 330 lbs. Struthiomimus used its long thin, stiff tail to balance itself. It had two short, slim arms and long, three-fingered hands, which it probably used for reaching and picking up food.


135.2 g, 8'' x 1.5'' x 1''

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