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NWA 869 787 is one of the most interesting Ordinary Chondrites found in Northwest Africa. The meteorite was discovered in 2000 near Tindouf in Algeria and some estimates indicate that up to 3000kg in the form of thousands of stones have been found, making it one of the largest Total Known Weight meteorites to come out of Northwest Africa.

Stony Iron
Meteorite Fragment
Sahara Desert, Morocco

The Campo del Cielo refers to a group of iron meteorites or to the area where they were found situated on the border between the provinces of Chaco and Santiago del Estero, 1,000 kilometers northwest of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Iron Nickel
Meteorite Fragment
Campo Del Cielo, Argentina

he fall of the meteorite might have been observed in 1516, but it is difficult to assess if this event is connected with the pieces that were retrieved in 1958.The meteorite burst during passage through the atmosphere and the pieces were scattered in a strewn field 28 kilometres (17 mi) long and 8 kilometres (5.0 mi) wide near the city of Nantan, Nandan County, Guangxi (China).[4] The meteorite was named after the city.

Iron Nickel
Meteorite Fragment
Nantan, China

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