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New Inventory Updated Daily

Museum Quality Natural Sawfish Jaw Fossil (with acrylic display stand)

$ 7,400.00
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 This unique jaw specimen is approximately 90 million years old. Onchopristis, or “giant saw”, is a genus of extinct giant sawfish that lived in the Upper Cretaceous in or near North Africa.

It had a long hard shovel-shaped snout called a rostrum. The saw-like rostrum, lined on both sides with modified tooth-like structures called denticles, were hooked and barbed. Onchopristis had an intimidating, 2.5 meter long rostrum which it would have used to unearth crustaceans at the bottom of shallow waters like sawfish do today. This piece includes a custom display stand, for preservation and display purposes.

*You will receive the exact object in this photo. Certificate of Authenticity included

7 pounds, 14"L x 1"W x 8.5"H