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Genuine Polished Orthoceras Ammonite Bookend (10 lbs)

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One of a kind hand-carved Orthoceras bookends. The orthoceras mollusk lived in abundance during the Paleozoic Era 250 to 750 million years ago. Orthoceras is a member of the class Cephalopoda and is closely related to the extinct giant Cephalopod and present-day chambered nautilus. Orthoceras ("straight horn") is slender with elongated shells with the middle of the body chamber transversely constricted, and a subcentral orthochoanitic siphuncle. The surfaces are polished with a glassy finish.

The image is indicative of the style only. Being a natural product, items will be not exactly the same - the actual fossils, patterns and coloring will vary.

Weight: 10 lbs, Dimensions: 10.25 x 2.25 x 6.75 inches