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Calcite Crystal From Mexico

Calcite crystals rhombs are mined in the desert region of Santa Eulalia, Chihuahua, Mexico. Yes, they come out of the ground shaped like a rhombohedron! Calcite rhombs also have what is called "double refraction.

Calcite is also known as the "stone of the mind." Calcite heightens mental discernment and analysis, increases memory and learning abilities. Calcite is THE stone for students and academics, and can be indispensable at helping students to retain their lessons. Calcite is also useful during times of mental adjustments and disagreements. Calcite can show you a new way to look at a situation, easing you away from old, outdated thought patterns that may be in the way of new ideas.


1.8 x 2.2 x 1.9 inches, 365.9 Grams

$ 69.00

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