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Angel Aura Quartz Crystal Cluster (435 g)

Top-quality Angel Aura Quartz Crystal Cluster. These bright and transparent quartz clusters are the finest on the market today.  Quartz bonded with Platinum and Silver, sometimes Gold or other trace metals, in a very high temperature chamber, and exhibits a light blue, rainbow and silvery iridescence. 

Angel Aura possesses a sweet and loving energy that will effectively stimulate and elevate your mood. It’s an effective aura cleanser. When you use this crystal during meditation, you will fall into a state of peace and serenity and experience a higher and deeper level of meditation. You will be able to experience rest and purification. You will also go beyond the physical body and receive assistance from your own angel guides because of your elevated state of consciousness.

435 grams, 5.8 x 1.2 x 4.2 inches

$ 625.00

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