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Free Shipping on orders over $250

Genuine Lapis Lazuli Pendant with Black Cord Necklace

$ 150.00
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This rectangular, Lapis Lazuli pendant is highly saturated with royal blue coloring and attractive pyrite microcrystals. It is wrapped through the center with black cord, and attached to an adjustable, cord necklace. The cord is adjustable from choker length to maximum length of 26 inches, connected to one lapis bead, with an adjustable silk gold tie. Its geometric shape is incredibly modern and could be styled a variety of ways. This gem is considered a symbol of freedom and truth. Wearing this stone can bring inspiration, self-awareness and is able to block negative energy. *You will receive the exact object in these photos.hakra.

*Stock photo shown, pattern/weight/size may slightly vary.
Weight: 8.1 grams, Pendant measures: 1.25"H x .2"W x .4"L