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Save 50% on our Holiday Collection - We Ship Worldwide!
Save 50% on our Holiday Collection - We Ship Worldwide!

Large Polished Rainbow Onyx Canoe Bowl from Mexico (19.2 lbs)

$ 1,400.00
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Large, one-of-a-kind, free-form natural rainbow onyx canoe bowl carved out of a single chunk of banded natural onyx. This incredible translucent piece is hand polished to a mirrored finish. This unique piece blends natural onyx shades of green, white, honey and brown tones.

In crystal healing, onyx is seen as a stone of happiness, good fortune and strength. It is thought to bring strength, balance and self control. It is perfect for people under extreme mental or emotional stress. It brings balance to mind or body as well as a sense of security. Onyx is a great stone for people who are off with the fairies as it brings focus and grounding making it easier to remain in this realm. An empowering stone that can help you approach a lesson or task with self-confidence. In healing and psychic work it is said that it retains the story of the wearer.

*You will receive the exact object in these photos.

Weight: 19.2 lbs, Dimensions: 23.5 x 11 x 5 inches