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Kolihapeltis chlupaci Trilobite from Djebel Oufaten, Morocco (302.3 grams)

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Kolihapeltis chlupaci (Lower Devonian: 420-400 MYO)


Trilobites, an early arthropod relative of spiders, horseshoe crabs, and scorpions, preserved in this level of detail only occurred as a result of very sudden underwater landslides called turbidite sequences, which ravaged the early earth when the continents were still very much on the move. The contorted body positions of the trilobites demonstrate a final fight against being buried alive.

One of the first true swimming trilobites, as evidenced by the paddle-like adaptation of the animal's pygidium (tail end,) these trilobites are found only in Europe and Africa. They came about in the early Devonian Period about 420 million years ago, and proliferated until the middle Devonian extinction event.


Species: Kolihapeltis chlupaci Trilobite

Age: Lower Devonian: 420-400 MYO

Location: Djbel Ougrat, Morocco

Size: 3 x 4 x .5 inches

Weight: 302.3 lbs